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Recycled Paper


Whilst our products are designed to be durable and withstand the harshest conditions British Columbia has to offer, they still require some upkeep and care. To make sure you get the most out of your product for years to come, here’s our guide for showing you how to properly maintain and show some love to your Coast Optics product!



Keeping your goggles and glasses clean and dry is a challenge when you’re out on the trails and it’s especially true on those rainy slop days! To avoid fogging and extend the life of your eyewear, proper care is key.


The first rule of thumb is to try to avoid rubbing the inside and outside of the lens while it’s wet or dirty. Doing so can damage the anti-fog coating on the lens and make the problem worse. Naturally, at times this is unavoidable. When necessary, first remove the excess by dabbing with a microfibre cloth and let them air dry.


Only clean the inside of your goggles and glasses when they are dry. Wipe the lens with the recycled microfibre bag provided to remove any fingerprints and dust. Keep in mind, the less you touch the inside of your goggle and glasses, the longer you’ll keep them in amazing condition. Our eyewear have an anti-fog coating on the inside of the lens. When wet, the coating tends to soften, making the lens more vulnerable to scratches. Hence the importance of avoiding rubbing wet lenses.


Hanging your goggles on the rear view mirror will add to your bike-bum swag, but it may also cause them to age prematurely due to heat and a lack of air circulation. Ideally, store your eyewear at room temperature, in a dry place and out of direct sunlight.

Coast Optics eyewear comes with a recycled microfibre bag. You can use it to store your goggles and glasses, as well as clean the lens. Putting your eyewear back in their storage bag will considerably reduce the risk of scratches and extend the life of your goggles.

Whether it’s dusty or muddy, moisture will accumulate in the foam of your goggles, so it’s important to let them air dry before storing them in their bag. Don’t dry them in a dryer or against a heater as this can cause premature damage



Being made of 70% bamboo fibre, our tees require some specific care to keep you fresher, for longer. Our tees are pre-washed and pre-shrunk, so if treated right you shouldn't get any crop-top surprises!


We recommend hand-washing your tee when possible, however we know this takes time away from shredding! If you decide to use a washing machine we advise washing the tee inside-out and on a cold cycle with mild, ph-neutral eco-friendly soap.​


After washing, we recommend laying the tee flat or hanging to dry out of direct sunlight. Drying your tee on a coat hanger can cause stretching of the collar, so we advise against this!


Hang your tee out of direct sunlight, ready for the next shred. If stored properly, you shouldn't ever need to iron your Coast Optics Tee!

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