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We are Sam and Alex of Coast Optics. Two Brits, following every mountain biker's dream of making the pilgrimage to Whistler and riding the best trails British Columbia has to offer. After meeting through one of Whistler’s few, locally owned bike shops, Evolution, we soon discovered that as well as sharing a deep rooted love for riding, we also had a shared passion for nature, the environment and doing everything within our power to protect it.

As much as we love working in a retail environment, we find it painful to see how many brands conduct business, with little regard for their environmental footprint. We never thought we’d be starting our own business, but after being inspired by businesses in different industries, like Patagonia, we knew that starting this venture could be a powerful tool for change and potentially make other brands start thinking about their processes as well.


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Our aim is to provide high-performance, sustainably sourced, quality products with a minimal environmental impact. By using sustainably sourced, recycled materials (see our Materials page)  our products provide a greener alternative, whilst maintaining the quality and performance required to tackle the gnarliest trails and conditions British Columbia has to offer! As a small business, we also strive to provide excellent after sales support and personable customer service.


We are dedicated to reinvesting company profits into our own manufacturing processes and product development, making our products even more environmentally sustainable. We also pride ourself on giving back to local organisations that are doing great work for the environment and riding community (see our Giving Back page).

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